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Vapor Shield is a production white interior styrene latex, vapor-barrier primer/sealer for walls and ceilings of new construction projects.


Within the family of Rodda’s premium Vapor Block, the Vapor Shield formula is designed for production spray applications often specified in new residential homes and commercial construction. A low-permeable latex primer sealer designed for use on the interior side of exterior walls and ceilings to provide a moisture vapor barrier Permeable Rating of less than 1.0 in accordance with ASTM D 1653 and ASTM E-96. This product will help maintain insulation efficiency by reducing the loss of moisture through exterior walls and ceilings.


    • Provides a moisture vapor barrier Perm Rating of less than 1.0 per ASTM-E-96 & ASTM D 1653

    • Dries within 30 minutes

    • Takes the place of regular drywall primer on interior surfaces of perimeter walls and ceilings


SKU: 5329765
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