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We Stand Behind Our Products!

Rodda Paint limited warranty for our manufactured products Paint Warranty

Rodda Paint has been manufacturing paint in the Pacific Northwest since 1932 and we stand behind our quality products.

Warranties are based on proper preparation of a sound substrate, application techniques to acceptable industry standards utilizing manufacturer’s millage requirements and ongoing maintenance such as cleaning to promote the overall longevity of the film.

Rodda Paint Warranty

All warranties issued by Rodda Paint cover products applied by manufacturer’s instructions including (but not limited to) proper; preparation, priming, spread rates, mil thickness, dry times and recoat times as applied on a sound substrate and described on this label. This warranty is non-transferable and requires original receipts.

Rodda Paint’s entire liability shall be limited to the replacement of paint for the area affected or a refund of the original purchase price. This warranty does not cover labor for the application of any product. Rodda shall in no event be liable for any incidental, special, indirect or consequential damages resulting from any reason whatsoever.

For full warranty descriptions please see your local store or contact Rodda Paint at 800-452-2315.

Download a PDF copy of our Limited Warranty.

Residential (homeowner applied, DIY) Warranties

Are self-registered by following label instructions and keeping a copy of your store receipt(s).

Professional Residential (contractor applied) Warranties

Are issued through our sales department, follow instructions on the label and see your local representative for details.

Commercial (contractor applied) Warranties

Are issued through our sale department, follow instructions on the label and see your local representative for details.

Dealer (purchased through an authorized dealer) Warranties

Are self-registered if residential, issued through the sales department for all others. Follow instructions on the label and see the Dealer representative for details.

The Rodda Paint sales support office registers and records warranties that remain on file for the duration of the warranty period. Copies of written warranties will be sent to the ‘covered’ party.

All claims must be submitted in writing and accompanied by the original proof of purchase. Claims may be made at the Rodda Paint location where the product was purchased or mailed to:

6107 N Marine Dr.

Portland, OR, 97203

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