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Vapor Block is the Product Choice for Priming and Sealing New Interior Drywall or Sheetrock Perimeter Walls.


Perfect for new construction projects and repaint work, or anytime when low-perm ratings are required or specified. Available in five gallon pails, Vapor Block can be tinted with up to two ounces of colorant to aid color change topcoats. Vapor Block can be brushed, rolled or sprayed, then top-coated with waterborne or alkyd finish coats, like Rodda Paint’s premium Lasyn or Horizon lines, Unique II or WoodMaster enamels.


    • One coat applied at 220 square feet per gallon will provide a PERM rating of 0.44 (less than 1.0 PERM)

    • Provides a moisture vapor barrier Perm Rating of less than 1.0 per ASTM D 1653 & ASTM E 96

    • One coat application

    • Dries in 30 minutes

    • Takes the place of regular drywall primer on interior surfaces of perimeter walls & ceilings

    • MPI 61, ASTM E-96, ASTM D-1


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