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Unique II is a premium family of 100% acrylic interior and exterior enamels delivering high performance and versatility.


The Unique II system includes three designer sheens, the Unique Enamel Undercoater for a durable finish, and Color Bases for low-gloss application of vibrant accent colors with great color retention.

Unique II is easy to apply with brush, roller or sprayer and provides great hide, coverage and gloss retention with low odor during application and minimal spatter. The Unique II enamel family has superior interior performance with excellent adhesion over aged alkyds and outstanding block resistance and touch-up properties, yet remains flexible for exterior applications on doors, siding and fascia and trim. Unique II enamels are stain and mildew resistant and block resistant, easily washable and resist cracking and deterioration with age for greater long-term service life.


An excellent choice for all residential and commercial painting projects, Unique II products are MPI approved paints specified by architects looking for a premium durable enamel finish on all interior or exterior surfaces including drywall and plaster, high traffic areas, doors and trim or over masonry and primed wood.


Unique II paints are ideally suited for commercial projects where formal industry quality approvals are required. The versatile Unique II family includes a rich flat enamel, low gloss and semi-gloss and gloss is available in one gallon cans, five gallon pails and some quarts. Unique II is backed by a Rodda Paint Warranty for interior and exterior applications (see your Rodda Sales Rep or Store Manager for details), and is supported by Rodda Paint’s Cascadia Provisions color system, the exclusive Cascadia colors of the Northwest neighborhoods and can be custom matched to most any color.


    • Proven Performance for Long-Term Service Life!

    • Exceptional Hide & Coverage

    • Outstanding Block-Resistance

    • Excellent Adhesion & Flexibility

    • Superior Scrubbability & Touch-up

    • Durable Finish with Low Odor

    • Stain & Mildew Resistant

    • Resists Cracking & Deterioration with Age

    • MPI 15, 11, 141, 114, 119


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