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Ultimate II Premium Exterior Latex, Rodda Paint’s BEST Exterior Paint, features Exceptional Durability & Color Retention, Excellent Adhesion and Outstanding Moisture & Weather Resistance!


Ultimate II exterior premium paint is formulated with advanced 100% acrylic resin technology fortified with urethane resin to deliver excellent adhesion over most exterior surfaces. Designed to remain flexible in the changing weather conditions of the Northwest, Ultimate II, a paint for all seasons, exhibits outstanding early-moisture resistance with application down to 35F.


Ultimate II’s proprietary variable particle packing technology results in a higher density film which helps deflect harmful UV rays & water intrusion while providing dirt pick-up resistance for exceptional durability & color retention, extending the service life between repaints.


Ultimate II is easy to apply with minimal odor and dries to a beautiful uniform, weather resistant finish that resists mold and mildew growth.


Rodda’s Ultimate II is one of the best performing exterior paints available in the US today and is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


    • Outstanding Weather Resistance

    • Exceptional Durability & Color Retention

    • Early-Moisture & Dirt Pick-up Resistance

    • Excellent Adhesion over most Surfaces

    • Flexible in Changing Temperatures

    • Dries to a Uniform, Clean, Long-term Finish

    • Extended Life Between Repaints


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