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Rodda's Super Roflex is a heavy bodied, internally plasticized 100% acrylic elastomeric coating designed for high-mil build applications to bridged and seal hairline cracks and surface irregularities to a uniform finish in masonry, stucco and concrete.


Super Roflex elastomerics are designed as a weather seal and restoration coating for all types of masonry structures. The Super Roflex dried film, when properly applied, remains pliability and elastic allowing for building movement and settling without cracking of the coating and resists excessive dirt pick-up.


With proper film thickness, Super Roflex demonstrates as much as 500% elongation, providing protection and uniform aesthetic finish, yet remains a breathable film. The low-toxicity formula of the dry film also allows Super Roflex to be an excellent coating for use in Controlled Atmosphere (CA) rooms and provide a seamless seal. See sales representative for warranty details.


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