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Sprayable Latex Block Filler is a high-solids interior and exterior white acrylic primer/filler designed to fill voids in masonry surfaces.


This is a quality-formulated heavy-bodied Block Filler that is preferred by professional painters, and MPI-approved for priming open cell cinderblock wall and similar substrates. This low-odor acrylic emulsion is formulated to prime and fill small voids and seal pores in cement and cinder block, leaving a smooth surface for subsequent topcoats.


Rodda’s Sprayable Block Filler can be brushed and rolled, or easily sprayed and back-rolling or scrubbed-in with a burlap sack to further ensure any voids are filled, or when specified for residential or commercial work. An ideal choice for filling open pores and voids in cinder block and other masonry surfaces, resulting in a smooth surface preparing for finishing coats. For best results, cement must be thoroughly cured for 28 days, free of mildew and efflorescence. Block Filler is available in five-gallon pails only and can be top-coated with any Rodda waterborne or alkyd architectural finish coats.


    • Good Moisture Resistance

    • Good Filling Properties on Masonry Block

    • MPI 4, 4 X-GREEN


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