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SharkSkin Primer/Sealer is a Flexible, Semi-elastomeric, Acrylic Water-based Primer/Sealer Designed to Stabilize Surfaces and Increase the Adhesion of Solid Top Coats, such as SharkSkin Solid Hide Stain.


SharkSkin Primer/Sealer is formulated to promote adhesion to structurally sound surfaces, such as CMU, plaster, and concrete as well as horizontal & vertical wood surfaces.


A unique copolymer design, SharkSkin Primer/Sealer penetrates and seals porous surfaces as well as locks down deteriorating surfaces in order to extend the service life & performance of top coats. It covers the existing finish to seal the edges of peeling and checks old coatings to lock them down for a uniform top coat.


SharkSkin Primer/Sealer remains flexible over the paint’s service life, thereby reducing cracking & peeling of the top coat.


    • Penetrates Into Cracked & Weathered Surfaces

    • Promotes Adhesion & Extends the Longevity of Top Coats

    • Helps Reduce Future Cracking & Peeling

    • Seals Porous Surfaces

    • Locks Down Deteriorating Surfaces


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