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SharkSkin Translucent Stain is a Premium quality, Exterior stain that is designed for weather extremes, from sun-drenched summers to tough winters.


Its Alkyd/Oil hybrid and Trans Oxide pigmented formulation provides a deep penetrating & long lasting decorative finish – specialized vegetable oils provide maximum penetration, the alkyd resin component delivers the ultimate in weather protection, wear resistance, toughness & durability while the Trans Oxide pigments absorb the sun’s UV rays to protect the wood and provide a translucent finish that will accentuate the natural beauty of any wood substrate.


SharkSkin Translucent Stain is a fast drying, low sheen product that is formulated to provide outstanding penetration, excellent water-resistance & repellency, superior dirt pick-up resistance with exceptional UV protection & durability while affording an enhanced resistance to cracking, peeling and blistering.


The unique combination of Mildewcides and Mold inhibitors in SharkSkin Translucent Stain, compared to conventional translucent stains, increases the protection against mold, mildew & algae growth on the surface of the stain.


Available in 6 factory tinted Colors, the SharkSkin Translucent stain finish adds glamour & warmth to the natural beauty of wood, allowing the grain, texture, and color variations of the wood to show through. SharkSkin Translucent Stain can be used on new or previously stained surfaces to protect and keep surfaces looking great while extending the time between repaints.


This ‘Best in Class’ product is designed for Professional Contractors and Homeowners alike, for use on properly prepared and primed exterior surfaces.


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