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Fortified with X-Link Technology


ProTector XL-100 exterior paint is formulated with 100% acrylic resin fortified with our new X-Link technology. This technology is moisture resistant, can be applied in more wet environments, and can be applied up to one hour prior to rain in temperatures as low as 40 degrees.

The same ProTector XL-100 X-Link Technology has been tested in the extreme heat, low humidity, and in direct sunshine with great flow and level properties, and an excellent final appearance. Surfaces dry to the touch can be immediately painted.


ProTector XL-100 is ‘Best in Class’ product designed for Professional Contractors and is formulated for exceptional coverage and superior color retention. This paint is exceptionally versatile, designed to perform in all environments and it’s ideally suited for ‘ALL’ seasons, be it for repaint or new projects. Protector XL-100 extends the painting season allowing low temperature application, down to an air and surface temperature of 35F. Protector XL-100 is an excellent choice when you expect great performance at a great value! ProTector XL-100 is a proven performer that exceeds expectations on delivering a quality exterior finish for your budget.


For usage on surfaces such as, properly prepared wood, trim, siding, masonry, brick, concrete, cement, stucco, plaster, EFIS, fiber cement composite, gypsum wallboard, asbestos shingles, vinyl, pre-painted aluminum siding and can also be used on properly primed metal surfaces like gutters and downspouts.


    • Apply All Season / Hot or Cold

    • Early Rain & Surfactant Resistance

    • Professional Grade & Value

    • Exceptional Coverage

    • Excellent Application

    • Superior Color Retention

    • MPI 10, 15


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