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Durable Protection for High Traffic Areas


PROTECH/Pre-Catalyzed Epoxy is a ‘single component’ waterborne acrylic epoxy for interior applications, which offers premium adhesion properties for multiple surfaces and excellent durability and abrasion resistance similar to two-component epoxy systems.


PRE-CATALYZED EPOXY provides superior resistance to a variety of stains and a broad range of chemicals. This product is formulated with exceptional wash-ability and scrub-ability while balancing flexibility and hardness with outstanding film formation down to 50F.


Suitable for Institutional High-Performance protection, USDA-inspected surfaces, along with ornamental steel, maintenance areas, kitchens, dining areas, schools, hospitals, or where durability and high-performance properties are required.


Designed to be applied over many substrates including metals, fiberglass, wood, masonry, plaster, and drywall PROTECH PRE-CATALYZED EPOXY is MPI 139, 141, 151 & 153 approved and is available in 2 Sheens (Satin/Eggshell; Semi Gloss), 3 Bases (White; Deep; Neutral) per Sheen and 2 Sizes (1G; 5G)per Base


    • Single Component Convenience

    • Excellent Abrasion Resistance

    • Multi Surface Adhesion

    • Chemical & Stain Resistant

    • For Use In USDA Inspected Facilities

    • Interior, Waterborne, Low VOC (<50 g/L)

    • MPI 139, 151, 141, 153


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