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Porsalite is a premium interior and exterior line of synthetic alkyd enamels with the durable finish expected from a traditional oil based enamel.


The traditional alkyd formula provides exceptional blocking characteristics with great touch-up properties, and exhibits exceptional hide and coverage.


Porsalite flows easily with little brush-drag and is self-leveling to two rich, designer sheens and clean-up with paint thinners. Porsalite enamel application is forgiving and affords added open-time to pick-up runs or holidays, and still flows-out to a smooth finish. As a traditional alkyd, Porsalite can yellow over time in specific colors and low-light conditions, but delivers great stain and mildew resistance, is easily washable for the interior maintenance of high traffic areas.


Porsalite enamels provide a tough enamel finish for all interior or exterior surfaces, can be brushed, rolled or airless sprayed onto drywall and plaster, millwork and cabinets, high traffic areas, doors and trim or over masonry and primed metals using Rodda’s premium primers, Scotseal, Unique II Enamel Undercoater, or First Coat. The versatile Porsalite line includes a low gloss and semi-gloss enamel and is available in one gallon cans, five gallon pails and some quarts. Porsalite is supported by Rodda Paint’s Cascadia color system, the exclusive Cascadia colors of the Northwest neighborhoods and can be custom-matched to most any color.


    • Rich, durable protective finish

    • Will withstand repeated washings

    • Will provide a very smooth finish

    • Stain resistant

    • Washable low gloss finish presents a smooth rich durable surface for interior trim surfaces

    • Low gloss finish minimizes any surface imperfections when painting old worn surfaces

    • MPI 47, 94


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