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FormWorx/pHLEX-TITE is a high build 100% acrylic elastomeric primer/finish that provides excellent durability and weather protection on masonry surfaces such as tilt-up, pre-cast and poured-in-place concrete & stucco.


pHLEX-TITE is highly resistant to alkaline conditions and efflorescence. pHLEX-TITE makes an excellent primer for use on high pH substrates that can be readily topcoated with itself or any exterior acrylic coating. Available in both Smooth and Textured finish.


pHLEX-TITE is an alkali resistant elastomeric coating for high pH substrates (6-13 pH) capable of low temperature application.


pHLEX-TITE is an excellent coating for waterproofing stucco, and concrete and will work well as a primer for other exterior coatings going over high pH masonry surfaces.

It may be used as a primer or topcoat by varying the wet film thickness being applied.


    • Resin – 100% Acrylic

    • Elongation at Break – 500%; ASTM D2370

    • Low Temperature Flexibility – Passes ASTM D522: – 1/8” 180 degree mandrel bend at 10F, 20 mils dry film thickness

    • Tensile Strength – 220 psi; ASTM D2370

    • Water Vapor Permeability – 20 Perms; ASTM D1653

    • MPI 3, 10, 113


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