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Master Painter ZERO is a high quality, waterborne, acrylic latex, Interior Paint with Zero VOC.


Formulated for superior adhesion, outstanding hide & coverage, exceptional touch up & application properties and minimal spatter during application, Master Painter ZERO is a proven performer for Professionals and DIY homeowners.


Designed to minimize surface imperfections, Master Painter ZERO Interior paint is washable for longer term service life of the paint. Advanced Zero VOC Resin technology, with virtually NO odor during application, allows for use in occupied facilities/spaces.


Uniform consistency and Easy water clean-up, delivered by the Master Painter ZERO line of Interior paints affords “Application Time Advantages” for the Professionals, making it the preferred choice for Large/Commercial projects as well as a favorite for Residential applications.


Flat - Gloss Level 1

Pearl - Gloss Level 2

Satin - Gloss Level 2

Eggshell - Gloss Level 3

Low Gloss - Gloss Level 4

Semigloss - Gloss Level 5


    • The Preferred CHOICE of Professionals & Homeowners for Over 50 Years!

    • ZERO VOCs to Meet the Most Stringent VOC Requirements

    • VOC Chamber Emissions Tested to Meet LEED and Other GREEN Standards

    • A COMPLETE Offering of Sheens and Color choices

    • Excellent Scrub Resistance for Durability

    • Outstanding Hide & Coverage Minimizes Surface Imperfections

    • Exceptional Touch-up and Application Advantages

    • Virtually NO Odor During Application for Use in Occupied Facilities

    • MPI 53, 53 X-GREEN, 143, 143 X-GREEN, 44, 44 X-GREEN, 43, 43 X-GREEN, 54, 54 X-GREEN


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