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Lasyn Premium Interior Latex with its Excellent Hide & Coverage, Outstanding Touch-Up, Easy Washability and Stain & Scrub Resistance has been the generational favorite of Professionals & Homeowners in the Northwest!


Lasyn in a premium interior latex that has been providing a high quality, professional, durable finish in the Northwest markets for generations.


Lasyn was designed for long term service life with great washability and stain & scrub resistance making it a homeowner’s favorite over the years.


Excellent hide & coverage with a durable premium finish is why Lasyn is specified by architects for commercial projects that require formal, industry quality approvals.


Outstanding touch-up, low odor during application, and superior flow & leveling with minimal spatter for easy clean-up add to the reasons why Lasyn is the Professionals preferred choice.


    • Excellent Hide & Coverage

    • Superior Flow & Leveling for a Premium Luxurious Finish

    • Easy Application with Low Spatter

    • Outstanding Touchup

    • Durable & Washable

    • Stain & Scrub Resistance

    • Low Odor during Application


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