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Ecologic Waterborne Epoxy is a two component, heavy duty low VOC water based epoxy with excellent scrub and mar resistance and an extremely long pot life (up to 24 hours depending on environmental conditions).


This interior/exterior low odor epoxy has excellent gloss retention and yellowing resistance as well as good chemical, stain and solvent resistance. Ecologic Waterborne Epoxy is a versatile high performance, fast drying coating that comes in three sheens (satin, semigloss and gloss) and can be used on almost all substrates including steel, concrete, wood, drywall, plastics and composites including light industrial floor applications.


    • Alkali Resistant

    • Direct to Metal Application

    • Excellent Gloss Retention

    • Fast Dry

    • Good Flexibility on Aging

    • Low VOC

    • Self-Priming

    • VOC Compliant

    • MPI 115, 215


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