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Aqua Master is a premium clear polyurethane varnish for interior and exterior wood applications.


Aqua Master varnish is available in three sheens and delivers great protection against the elements while beautifying any wood substrate.


Varnish works best when brushed to eliminate possible air bubble in the film. Aqua Master applies easily by brush or application pad and flow to an even, uniform finish. AM Varnish will dry to a durable clear coat that will resist scuffs and abrasions, and can be refinished or refurbished with a light sanding between coats.


Aqua Master varnish is a good choice for interior and exterior wood when the natural grain of the surface is desired to show through, but needs to be protected and enhanced with a desired sheen. Typical uses include? natural or stained wood front doors, interior doors & trim, millwork, or tongue and groove styled natural eaves. Multiple coats flow easily and will demonstrate a great depth of finish on any wood with a light sanding between coats. Aqua Master clear polyurethane varnish is available in gloss, semigloss and satin flat sheens, and cleans up easily with mineral spirits.


    • Hard durable finish available in gloss, semi gloss, or satin flat

    • Easily applied, best if brushed

    • Enhances the look of wood and makes surface easier to keep clean

    • Use where a mild chemical resistant finish is needed on wood

    • MPI 56, 57


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